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(Laos) - Things to do in Laos

Laos has a very rich cultural and historical background dating back 10,000 years or even more! We have dedicated this particular section to Things to do in Laos so that you can get a clear picture of the intriguing socio cultural milieu of this land.

Buddhism has percolated through each and every strand of Laos's cultural fabric and is in its very atmosphere.

It is a way of life for the locals and all its religious festivals and Laos Cultural Holidays and customs corroborate the same.

In this very section you will also discover interesting and exciting facets of Shopping in Laos, Eco tourism in Laos, Golfing in Laos and Laos Adventure Holidays.

There is an annual Rocket Festival which is held in Laos, every May in order to invoke the rain gods so that they shower down and produce a healthy bumper harvest. It is still celebrated by the peasants of Laos with grandeur.

Laos also offers a stunning variety of arts, craft and handicrafts comprising wood and bamboo carvings and engravings. Not just this; you will be delighted to find a treasury of precious and semi precious stones and gems, including Sapphires!

Come to Laos; the land of Temples, misty mountains and pristine natural beauty – come here to unwind amidst tranquility and return home totally rejuvenated and refreshed.

Places to See in Laos, capital of Laos - reminds us more of South-East Asian Provincial town with the marvelous temples and markets.

Luang Prabang - one of the World Heritage sites, is certainly one of the most cultural interesting places, and the "Plain of Jars", is the most mysterious destination in South-East Asia.

In the South of Laos - Pakse - with its splendid Khmer temple "Wat Phou", the Boloven Plateau and the 4000 Mekong islands near the Cambodia border are there for you to explore.

Travel Itinerary in Laos has a population of about 5, 5 million people  and is made up of 48 different ethnic groups within an area of 236, 800 square kilometres. Around 70 % of its terrain is mountainous reaching a maximum elevation of 2, 820 m in Xieng Khouang province.

The landscapes of northern Laos and regions adjacent to Vietnam in particular are dominated by hills. The Mekong river is the main geographic feature in the west and in fact, forms a natural border with Thailand and some other areas.

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