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(Cambodia) - Beaches in Sihanoukville

Here's a Few
Some of these Sihanoukville beaches are crowded with beach chairs, umbrellas, bars, and people.  Some are just filled with sand.  A few beaches are rocky, and nice to look at, but not for swimming.  From most Cambodia beaches, you can take trips to the islands, and rent boats for snorkeling and fishing.

Ocheteaul Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Ocheteaul Beach
On the East side of town, about minute motorcycle ride from downtown. This beach runs about 2 kilometers from Serendipity Beach a 5 to Otres Beach. Ocheteaul is filled with beach stands and chairs.  Seafood, burgers, pizza, and booze.  Most places serve Khmer style food, but many now offer Western dishes.  Across the street from the beach, there's an assortment of restaurants and hotels.

Victory Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Victory Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Victory Beach
At the bottom of "The Hill", near the port, Victory beach has quickly become the tourist beach on the West side of town. An easy walk from Victory Hill, with plenty of seafood, boating activities, guesthouses, and a full service casino.  Some quiet beach in the middle, and some restaurants towards the port. Also, featuring a pier for island boat trips.

Independence Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Independence Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Independence Beach
A kilometer or two of nothing but beach.  Mostly closed down now except in front of Seabreeze Guesthouse and a private beach at the Independence Hotel complex.

Hawaii Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Hawaii Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Hawaii Beach
Hawaii beach is filled with pine trees, shading the beach area.  Many small boats are available for rent to the islands

Serendipity Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Serendipity Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Serendipity Beach
The tourist beach on the East Side. No beach stands here, just Western style bars and restaurants.  One of the few places with rooms right on the beach.  Many new internet shops, clothing, MP3 downloads, tour services and boat departures to the islands.  Serendipity has turned into the shopping section of town.

Island Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Island Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Island Beaches
Opening up quickly, but still pristine, the islands offer some very beautiful beaches.  Day trips to the islands let you experience a few of these.  A few places have basic bungalows on the island beaches.  One island features $3,500 rooms per night.

Sokha Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Sokha Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Sokha Beach
Sokha beach is a private beach, 1.5 kilometers long, for the guest of the Sokha Resort hotel.  Well groomed beaches, not too many people, and for a fee (if you're not a hotel guest), a beautiful swimming pool, fitness center, and lobby lounge.  At the near end of Sokha are a few hillside and cliffside bungalows.

Otres Beach Sihanoukville - Cambodia
Otres Beache - Sihanoukville - Cambodia

Otres Beach
Outside of town, Otres is the quietest beach in town.  Several small beach stands with food and umbrellas are available.  There's no public electricity here yet, so many places use a generator when necessary.   Also, sailboat and kayak rentals and windsurfing.

Other Cambodia Beaches in SihanoukVille
Past the port, is Hun Sen beach along the road to Steung Hauv.  Not normally a tourist beach, but worth a ride out.
There's also a beautiful beach at Ream National Park, about a half hour drive outside of town.
Steung Hauv fishing village is a great day trip, but no swimming beaches

(Sihanoukville Cambodia)

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