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(Spain) – Menorca island - The Island of Pleasant Breeze

Smaller and quieter than its neighbor Mallorca , Menorca is the second largest of the Balearic islands. Situated just 34 km / 21 miles from Mallorca , the island of Menorca has many family-friendly resorts and almost as many beaches as Mallorca and Ibiza combined. Peaceful holiday resorts line the south coast of Menorca and a string of quiet fishing villages are along the island s rougher northern shore. There are plenty of tourism and tourist information offices situated in the towns of Menorca , providing current information about local Menorca tourist attractions, beaches, museums, local events and festivals, sightseeing and general Menorca tourist information.

Menorca island - Spain
Menorca island - Spain

 It has a current population of around 68,000. Compared to its neighbor island Mallorca , it is of course lesser in size and has a more hushed environment. This is probably the main reason why many wholesome family holidays are geared towards this tranquil island. It follows that a lot of family-friendly resorts are situated in the island, most of them at the southern shoreline. Ironic as it may seem, despite its smaller size among other Spanish islands, the number of beaches that Menorca has equals the number of beaches that can be found in Mallorca and Ibiza combined. Over the years, Menorca has undergone very minimal changes. It has certainly been sheltered from the effects of development. It has successfully avoided becoming a full-blown urbanized and tourist-stricken land mass.

Menorca island - Spain
Menorca island - Spain

How to get there
The best way to access to each place in Menorca is driving a car. We propose you to maintain the camp base in Ciudadella or close to this village because from here you will be able to access quickly to the best beaches.

Menorca island - Spain
Menorca island - Spain

The main highways are very good but they are one way roads. The secondary ones are very narrow and do not have marked the dividing line of both senses. As for the highways of access to the beach they are made of land, very narrow, with pot-holes and stones, so be careful with the car.

Menorca island - Spain
Menorca island - Spain

The places
CIUDADELLA: Until the end of the English domination, this city was the Menorca capital: the cathedral, palaces and the, lordly houses will show it to you. Also, until the end of the XIX century, the city preserved the medieval wall that was protecting it from the assaults of the Turkish pirates. Still it is possible to to see part of the old wall in the Bastió de Sa Font and in the Town Hall.
Location: West side of the island. 48 km far away from Mahón.

Menorca - Ciutadella - Spain
Menorca - Ciutadella - Spain

FORNELLS: The port is beautifull but the most important thing to do there is to eat 'Caldereta de langosta' (lobster stew).
Location: North of the island.

Menorca island - Fornells - Spain
Menorca island - Fornells - Spain
MAHÓN: The continuos pirate attack and the Barbaroja sacking was the reason of the Mahón destruction in 1535. With the second more big in the world after Pearl Harbour , this city is the current Administrative capital of Menorca, and of course, it is good to know it walking, after a good day in the beach.
Location: East of the island

CAP DE FAVÁRITX: After visiting Mahón, you will enjoy seeing the sun going down in this place. It looks a moon landscape with a beacon at the end of the road. The sand and the rocks are black. It is a must
Location: Northeast, close to Mahón.

CAP DE CAVALLERÍA: There , it is possible to enjoy of the sunset while lookig at the beacon. Close to this site it is the nude and solitary Cavallería beach.
3 km far away there is a bar between high pines where to drink something an relax yourself will be very pleasant.
Location: North of the island. Close to Fornells.

NAVETA DES TUDONS: The funeral 'Navetas' are perhaps the prehistoric element more characteristic; it is the oldest building with roof in Spain and dates from the Age of the Bronze. The 'navetas' could be an evolution of 'dolmenes' or tombs, because they present some characteristics in common with these.
Location: Mahón - Ciudadella highway. 4 km far away from Ciudadella.

MACARELLA AND MACARELLETA COVES: Macarella cove is accessible by car and paying 5 euros (per car). At the end of the road, you must leave the car in teh parking and the you will walk during 3 minutes. There is a restaurant and a bar. Also you can have a shower paying 1 euro.
Location: Southwest of the island. It is accessible from Ciutadella, taking the Sant Joan de Missa way. It is close to Galdana beach.

TURQUETA COVE: The beach is at the end of the car parking, but again, don't hesitate to walk 2 minutes though the way on the lef side to go to a beautiful cove. As Macarella beach, the sand is white. It hasn't got a restaurant or a bar.
Location: Southwest of the island. It is accessible from Ciutadella, taking the Sant Joan de Missa way. It is

PREGONDA COVE: The contrast between the green colour of the vegetation and the sand orange colour is incredible. The walk during 15 minutes from Biminel-lá is worth due to the beauty.
Location: North of the island.

LA VALL (ALGAIRENS): While lowering the stairs, two twin beaches appear, however, again the saying 'If you can walk a little, it would be better', here is applicable; at the end of this double beach a way on the left goes to one second beach much more calm with better sand.

Location: Northeast of the island.

ES TALAIER: The small and virgin beach, very close to Son Saura beach, is a paradise due to the calm, the turquoise water, the pines and the white sand.
Location: South of the island, between Son Saura beach and Turqueta cove. The easiest way is leaving the car in the Son Saura parking and walk during 10 minutes.

Location: South of the island
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