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(Austria) – KremlhofTheatre in Villach is the world smallest theatre

The Kremlhof Theatre in Villach, Austria, is officially the smallest theatre in the world. With a stage measuring just 1.30 by 1.30 metres, the Guiness World Records have named it the "smallest regularly operated theatre" from around the globe.

Kremlhof Theatre in Villach
Kremlhof Theatre in Villach

Founded by Felix Strasser and Yulia Izmaylova the Theatre in Villach seats just eight people but puts on opera, ballet and plays for its select audience. Spectators are merely asked to make a donation and for this they all get front row seats.

The tiny theatre was opened in 2009 in association with the theatre organisation for the stimulation of the dramatic appetite, VADA (der Verein zur Anregung des dramatischen Appetits) and drama companies "kärnöl" and ONEX. The first production entitled "Schnee" by Konstantin Paustovskij and Alexander Solschenizyn began in January 2010.

Kremlhof Theatre in Villach
Kremlhof Theatre in Villach
The playhouse, which consists of a simple wood pavilion with eight seats around the edge, received its nomination for a possible entry into the book of Guiness World Records in November which the company celebrated last Tuesday. Their place in the upcoming book is not guaranteed however.

"Year round we put on in-house and guest productions in theatre, ballet, musical theatre, theatre for children and literature readings. It is a unique offering for Carinthia as there are also productions in Russian. Productions in Slovenian and regional German and Slovenian dialects are also planned," explained theatre director Felix Strasser.
(Austrian Times)

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